Thursday, August 20, 2015

Fall has Arrived!

Well, fall hasn't arrived technically. But it was delivered to my door today when the new Scentsy September Warmer and Scent of the Month arrived!! The warmer is a beautiful, elegant pumpkin in cream with a silvery bronze stem on top. It has lovely detailing, very reminiscent of Cinderella's carriage. And the scent.....Coconut Pumpkin Pie!! The perfect fragrance to usher in fall with cooler temps and falling leaves. These will officially be on sale on September 1st, but I will be taking pre-orders now. The orders will be submitted on the 1st, so you will be among the first to receive it and begin your fall decorating! And don't forget...scents and warmers of the month are 10% off during the month.

And speaking of scent of the month, would you like to receive a new scent of the month bar before it's release? If you join my Scent of the Month Club, you will receive a full size bar each month delivered right to your door! For more info on this, or any Scentsy products, just email me at!

September Scent of the Month Kit

September Warmer of the Month-Lumina

And now, on to the knitting!! This past weekend, to honor a dear friend's birthday, our knitting group took a special lesson in brioche knitting. Can I say I'm addicted?? The instructor wisely kept us to one color brioche to start, but I'm so excited to progress to Laura Nelkin's new Mouette  Scarflette pattern!! The kit and pattern was part of Laura's M Club, which I've been a member of for the last 2 years, and already looking forward to year 3! Here's a pic of my beginning:

And a pic of Laura's pattern Mouette Scarflette:

I'd be a lot farther along on the cowl if I hadn't, yet again, signed on for deadline knitting!! Please...please, please, please...if you hear me mention doing Camp Loopy again next summer feel free to remind me of the tension and pressure I'll experience by the end of August! My progress on the Featherweight Cardigan has been slow, and if I don't pick it up will probably end up in UFO heap (growing by leaps and bounds!!!). I'm working on the first sleeve and it's not at all hard, but I'm dreading the collar and front. All those picked up stitches!! I think I'd rather pick up dust bunnies!! No. I'm sure I'd rather ;) Eleven days left so wish me luck!!

Have you all heard about Periscope? It's a social media site where you can watch or broadcast live; people can ask you questions and comment as you broadcast. Well, you know I had to give it a try!! Now, I'm no social media maven, so the fact that I was able to navigate the site at all was a miracle. (I've been trying to figure Twitter out for years!!) But, I was able to do a live video!!! There were some glitches which I won't even attempt to figure out, but there was no phone, dog or kid screaming in the background. Miraculous!! Wanna see??

I must be on a real roll, 'cause I'm stunned I was able to get the video on here. For more live antics, follow me over on Periscope!! (I'm janelinrn over there too!!) Might be interesting to share some of what goes on here live! Otherwise, who'd believe me??

And now, until next time,
hugs and love,



Tuesday, August 4, 2015

The Return to Blogging---Catching Up

I know. It's been a long absence. Too long. And it certainly isn't for lack of fabulous, exciting and wonderful things happening. Maybe too many, with not enough time to reflect on them. And that needed to change.

So what's new? Well, nothing and everything. Still knitting, still spinning, and learning/creating all manner of wonderful things. And blessed with a wonderful family and an incredible group of friends that I am grateful for every day. Since I could never type long enough to catch up on every thing, let's start with the recent and new, and take it from there!

I've taken on a new venture!!! I've become a Scentsy Consultant; it was actually a no-brainer since I became addicted with my very first purchase. I've always been a huge fan of home fragrance, but after seeing first hand what an open candle flame can do, candles were crossed off my list. I tried every other method of home fragrance I could find, but most were waxy, acrid or gross. Usually all three. Until a friend introduced me to Scentsy, a brand of wickless home fragrances that smell absolutely amazing. SOLD! I'll take one of each, please! The warmers are beautiful and never get hot enough to burn or do damage of any kind. The fragrances are, well, out of this world! And there are so many, there's bound to be something for everyone. But don't take my word for on the adorable firefly mason jar on the right, and see for yourself! Right now I've got my Launch Party on, so be sure to click on my Open Parties!! :)

On to the knitting!! Camp Loopy is in full swing again this year, and I'm on Project #3, the Featherweight Cardigan by Hannah Fetig. I don't know what I was thinking taking on a laceweight cardigan on a deadline. Okay, I wasn't thinking. I just wanted the cardigan! So, here's my progress:

I did, however, finally make a Catkin for Camp Loopy #2. It still needs buttons (I'm waiting for them to arrive), but I'm so happy to have muddled through! It was a challenging pattern, but absolutely worth the effort!

Last month I was fortunate enough to attend my fourth Super Summer Knitogether or SSK and it was, as always, fabulous!!! Hosted by the always awesome Knitgirllls in Nashville, TN, it's 5 days of fun, learning, great food and good friends. I had fun being a dyer for a day and can safely say I will never be a threat to anyone talented enough to accomplish it! is hard work! And requires skills and talent I simply do not possess, but am in awe of those that do!  As fabulous as the class was, all I left there with was a new respect for indie dyers. And a complete contentment to support their artistry and talent!!
So, I guess that's enough for now. But I won't be away that long again! ;)

Not for sale! LOL