Saturday, March 2, 2013

Putting it Out There

Well, it's time to do some spring cleaning, reassess and start putting it out there again. The past year has been full of changes (most good, some not so good) as I suspect it has been for everyone. But, when re-evaluation time rolls around, you start to develop an appreciation of the things that are truly important, as well as a need to let go of the things that are holding you back. 

One of the brightest spots in the past year, has been my knitting friends who have since become extended family. We laugh together, sometimes cry, but always share a bond of friendship that grows deeper by the day. Over the rhythm of our needles, we share not only our patterns and passions for yarn, but pieces of our lives that grow us together as more than just knitters, but friends on every level.  And then there's the laughs...and laughs....and laughs!!! These are the people (and you know who you are!) that will support you through thick and thin, and suddenly everything is more bearable when you know there are those who will not only understand, but help to put things into perspective. If you are fortunate enough to find this, you are luckier than most, and develop a true understanding of the meaning of friendship.

But it does make you realize, that there are those that will constantly try and hold you back. Or put you down or provide drama in proportions that could only be appreciated on the stage or the silver screen. After a time, it not only becomes exhausting, but a drain on your own system and there comes a point where you realize you need to let the drama of another go. You begin to see that perhaps someone is being less than honest with you to hide their own issues or perhaps due to the realization that you are completely on to them. Whichever the reason, there comes a time when you have to just let it go for your own sanity and peace of mind. Let alone, there becomes nothing for you to say that will serve any good purpose since you are no longer willing to indulge in their self inflicted drama. 

So, with a refreshed perspective and enriched focus, I come back to the world of blogging. I know who I am and, more importantly, I'm comfortable with it. I've found some amazing people who accept and appreciate that person. And there is no better motivation to strive to stretch yourself and continue to grow.
Now, coming from a place of joy, my knitting and spinning has taken a new direction. I'm more willing to try new things and experiment, and less afraid of failure--or what I now refer to as deep learning with nothing to show for it! :) I've completed my first sweater with an amazing amount of support and encouragement. And I think it's time my blog reflected the changes. I may not be the most technologically capable blogger, but I'll figure it out. With a little help from my friends. A few of my most recent FO's, and some hints as to upcoming WIP's!
Let go of what is holding on to your coattails, determined to hold you down, and there are no limits to the heights you can soar to! 


Muckle Mitts

Breaking Hearts Socks

Willow Cowl

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