Thursday, August 9, 2012

When All Else Fails, Follow the Pattern!

OK, I’m at the point where I can laugh about it. So, I thought I’d share my folly!!
I’m taking the Knitting with Beads class on and absolutely loving it. I couldn’t wait to cast on Accola. I picked the yarn (lace weight for maximum stress), agonized over the bead choices and watched the lessons at least three times. I was ready.
I cast on for the edging, and was rolling along. But it wasn’t long before I noticed that the beads (gunmetal and hexagonal for maximum sparkle) weren’t really showing up. Do I stop and think? Of course not. I just keep digging them out of the nupps and press ahead to finish the entire edging.
Wow! Now on to the really fun part…picking up and seeing the actual body of the shawl take place. I pre-string the beads and realize that I’m not going to have enough. Not to mention that they weigh a TON on the yarn! Strange. I calculated and weighed very carefully. So, I order more. Do I stop at this point?? Of course not. I carefully follow Laura’s method to pick up the stitches and it works perfectly. I start on the body, but it doesn’t take long to realize that something isn’t right with the center panel. The beads are looking loose and “awkward”. Dare I say somewhat gaudy almost? Do I stop yet? Of course not. I just figure it’s going to all work out and plunge ahead on another repeat.
Finally (and I do mean FINALLY!), a bell goes off in my very hard head and I realize that if I continue this way, this shawl is going to weigh a ton, not to mention not look very nice. So, being brilliant, I take a look at other’s photos….uh, they don’t look like mine. Ruh roh!!!! Could I possibly have used the wrong size bead in the wrong place? Ding ding ding!!!
I can laugh about it now, ‘cause I’ve got the edging re-done and am working on my second repeat of the center panel. The beads actually look great! And yes, I still love the pattern and am really enjoying working on it. (probably a good thing given the fact that I’m on my second go round and don’t have a shawl to show yet! LOL)
The moral of this long story: if it seems wrong, and then still seems wrong, and then looks even worse…you probably should
stop and find where you went rogue before you waste tooooo much time!! :) :) :) :)

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