Sunday, June 19, 2011

  by momhasthree
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Memories of Lambchop!

For the past few days I've had the song from Shari Lewis' show stuck in my head!! "This is the Song that Doesn't end" Well, I'm thinking this is the shawl that doesn't end!!! I've been working on Cambridge, a beautiful interpretation by Carol Sunday of the shawl worn grocery shopping by the Duchess of Cambridge. The pattern is amazing, easy yet interesting with a drape almost identical to the Duchess'. I think I posted a pic, but that remains to be seen!
So, now that summer is here, I can honestly say enough with life getting in the way of knitting!!! I have a huge queue planned, and am determined to get (ok, at least SOME) of it done.I've lately become inspired by the podcasts I'm now addicted to!! First, The Knitmore Girls is a pleasure to listen to while knitting. Gigi and Jasmine, mother and daughter, share their fiber fun in what seems like a virtual knitting klatch! Just bring a chair, your knitting, coffee or tea and you are all set!!
The Knitgirllls is a video podcast that has me now addicted!! Here you will find your cyber knitting group!! One of the things that I love about this podcast, is that you have the opportunity to see what they are working on, learn about different fibers, patterns and see all different kinds of yarn!! I hold them personally responsible for my complete inability to resist joining Stacy's Tempted Yarn Club, and for perhaps putting in an order at Erin Lane Bags!!! I'm really enjoying becoming part of the knitting community, and continuing to learn more and more!! OK, it's back to the shawl that never just goes on and on my friend....Some people started knitting it (OK, you get the picture!)