Sunday, November 6, 2011

Not another KAL!!!

I promised myself absolutely no more KAL's until I had at least some of my WIP's off the needles. But after seeing this shawl in person, and meeting the lovely lady wearing it, I had to make one! And I'm so glad I did!
But that didn't solve my problem of all the UFO's I had lying around. So I got ruthless! It was either finish it or frog it time. And I frogged, and frogged, and then frogged some more!! And ultimately, I was glad I did. I actually feel like I might get some things finished instead of just looking at things and getting overwhelmed. Not to mention, it gave me my needles back to cast on more!! :) :) ;)
My current favorite is a shawl from an online class I enrolled in at It's their mastering lace class, and I would highly recommend it. Now, I've knit lace before, but Laura (the designer and instructor) broke things down in such a way that I was able to gain an even better understanding of the process of lace. Additionally, she gave some time saving, chart reading and lace knitting tips that will serve well on any lace project you are working on. I'm nearly done with the body of the shawl, and am actually looking forward to the edging. It is knit on separately, so I will be able to practice my knitting backwards from the course I took at Stitches! I'm using a new yarn I discovered from Fibernymph Dye Works, in the Bedazzled base in the color Dorabella. It's super soft and just a pleasure to work with! I'm already planning another one in lace, and am soooo tempted by the Sweet Georgia Yarns Cashsilk! Someone please talk me in to it!!! :)
I've also cast on for the Mamma Mia shawl, and I'm using the yarn recommended in the pattern. So far, it's been a very easy knit, but I have a feeling that may change once I split it for the front! :) But after seeing the sample at Stitches, it was another have to knit it project!
So, the clocks are turned back, and we're settling in for winter. Seems like prime knitting time to me!!
ETA: Not sure why my links aren't showing up as links, but if you hover over the name, the link should show up! :)

Sunday, October 23, 2011

A Tale of Rhinebeck and Stitches!

Well, the sign of a really pathetic blogger is one who can't even locate her own blog. That's how long it's been. 45 minutes later, I decide to just start over, and what should pop up out of nowhere? The fact that I'm on my IPad is not much help either.
So, here we are at the end of a long weekend spent at Stitches East at the Hartford Convention in Hartford, Connecticut. This odyssey of yarn and fiber actually started last weekend at The New York Sheep and Wool Festival in Rhinebeck, NY. My daughter Alexis and I made the treck up to Rhinebeck to see what all the buzz was about. Well.....we found out!! We were totally overwhelmed at the sheer size of the festival, not to mention the volume of yarns and fibers! How in the world do you choose from all the fabulous different varieties, colors and textures? Well, we managed!! And then some!
But what truly made the trip worthwhile, was the new friends we made both at the Ravelry meetup, and just wandering the festival. We met Lisa, the genius behind Fibernymph Dyeworks yarns, and Carin of the Round the Twist vlog, and one of the co hosts of next summers SSK getaway! We had a chance to see Casey, Jess and the adorable Ravbaby, Eloise, and to meet the charming Mary Heather all from Ravelry. We were lucky enough to find ourselves in line behind none other than Tammy, The Proverbial Knitter, and her best friend Karen. What a treat to meet them both, and they are both sweethearts!
So, we shopped until we dropped, but our yarn odyssey continued. The next Tuesday, we found ourselves at The Yarn Company in NYC, for Stacy of Tempted Yarns trunk show. First, I gotta tell ya, that if you never met Stacy, you should!! She is an amazingly talented and wonderful bundle of energy!! And if you've never experienced Tempted yarns, run to and get yourself some!! You'll be glad you did! Of course, I had to try some of her new Golden Grrl base, exclusive to The Yarn Company!
So everything was going swimmingly, but there had to be a hitch in the git along somewhere, right? We arrive back at the train staion, and car. That parking garage is huge!!! Ask me how I know??? We walked and we looked and we walked and we looked some more. It took three geniuses 20 minutes to realize that A: there were 2 garages and B: the levels were not flat and, most importantly C: we parked in a really stupid place!! Live and learn as I always say.
And now, we're at Stitches East, a huge celebration of fiber, pattern designs, yarns and all things sticks and string! After Rhinebeck, we came here on a yarn diet, of course. It lasted 1 hour. C'est la vie! It has been the most awesome mother/daughter weekend sharing a passion for knitting with lots of new ( and some old) friends! We are already planning for next year!
So, I suppose we are set for projects and yarn....for now. But I have to share this: knitters are the best group of people!! And I will gladly sign on for the next meet up, just to meet more fabulously talented, generous and kind people! I think I learned just as much from fellow knitters as I did from the classes! Knitters seem always willing to share! And can't the world use waaayyyyyyy more of that????

Sunday, June 19, 2011

  by momhasthree
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Memories of Lambchop!

For the past few days I've had the song from Shari Lewis' show stuck in my head!! "This is the Song that Doesn't end" Well, I'm thinking this is the shawl that doesn't end!!! I've been working on Cambridge, a beautiful interpretation by Carol Sunday of the shawl worn grocery shopping by the Duchess of Cambridge. The pattern is amazing, easy yet interesting with a drape almost identical to the Duchess'. I think I posted a pic, but that remains to be seen!
So, now that summer is here, I can honestly say enough with life getting in the way of knitting!!! I have a huge queue planned, and am determined to get (ok, at least SOME) of it done.I've lately become inspired by the podcasts I'm now addicted to!! First, The Knitmore Girls is a pleasure to listen to while knitting. Gigi and Jasmine, mother and daughter, share their fiber fun in what seems like a virtual knitting klatch! Just bring a chair, your knitting, coffee or tea and you are all set!!
The Knitgirllls is a video podcast that has me now addicted!! Here you will find your cyber knitting group!! One of the things that I love about this podcast, is that you have the opportunity to see what they are working on, learn about different fibers, patterns and see all different kinds of yarn!! I hold them personally responsible for my complete inability to resist joining Stacy's Tempted Yarn Club, and for perhaps putting in an order at Erin Lane Bags!!! I'm really enjoying becoming part of the knitting community, and continuing to learn more and more!! OK, it's back to the shawl that never just goes on and on my friend....Some people started knitting it (OK, you get the picture!)

Tuesday, January 18, 2011


Well, reality has set in and I've come to several conclusions. First, blogging on an IPad for someone who is technologically challenged is probably not a good idea. Second, I now fully realize that my life is dull!!! At least to the outside world--never a dull moment here! So, I think I'm going to focus on what I do the most, besides yell: knit!
I know, the world doesn't need another knitting blogger, but I have a different perspective. I realize there are just as many of us knitters with far more ambition than talent and I'm here to champion our cause!! So what if you have 15 UFO's on needles while you enthusiastically cast on yet another???? It's the experience! Admit it, don't you get tired of watching the video tutorials turn out perfectly stitched items, while you struggle to think up new curse words that you haven't used in the past half hour while employing the same technique??? You are not alone!!!
We can persevere together, and no one need know of our struggles! Let's broaden our horizons, and hopefully come up with some new expletives in the process. And so begins the tale of my KAL sock! One trip to the knitting store, and I got quickly sucked in to a 6 month, six project mystery knit along. Can you smell the disaster lurking?? Not only do we have someone not too sure of what they are doing, but heading off making something they have no idea what it will look like! That's the intrigue! You get a clue every week to follow, and at the end of the month you have a beautiful finished object!!! Or a pile of tangled yarn spaghetti and lower self esteem than when you started! Nope, this time we're going to succeed, even if it means failing with class!
To be fair, the site where the KAL is posted has amazingly clear videos, and the patterns are extremely well written. This might lead to complete success in someone who is consistent and methodical. I, on the other hand, decided to learn not only the new techniques presented, but added on my own agenda as well. I started the first sock on double point needles, decided I wanted to try something else, so at the same time started the second sock using the magic loop method! Well, I can sum it up by saying, yes, I learned the techniques both ways. However one sock has no resemblance to the other in any way, shape or form!!! So, my brilliant solution is to employ yet another new technique, and attempt to finish them at the same time on the same needle. The end result remains to be seen, as I have to wait until Saturday for the last clue!! For anyone inclined to join me, check out the Skacel website and their 20 years of Trekking KAL!!! I'm wondering if there isn't someone out there with a pair of mismatched socks that might pair perfectly with mine!!! :)