Friday, January 15, 2010

Well, it didn't take much encouragement for me to put this on paper (OK, cyberpaper!).
Rule #1: Don't EVER go car shopping with the elderly!
Rule #2: Don't EVER go car shopping with your mother!
Rule #3: Seek help if you ignore the above rules!!!
So it seems that some people do not take well to new technology. I understand that. It would appear to be the foundation of the saying, "you can't teach and old dog a new trick." Probably explains why many people don't text, surf the internet, use bluetooth or embrace other kinds of technology. However, after experiencing the advantages of these growing technologies, even our seniors are utilizing cell phones, computers and the internet to their full advantage. And they are extremely proficient, I might add.
My mother does not fall in to this category. Her computer is nothing more than a giant video poker machine, and now it is not even that since lack of simple maintanance has rendered it useless. And, don't bother sending her a text message. She has no idea how to open it. Or to retrieve her voicemail for that matter. But, life can, and does go on without these technological advantages.
Which brings me to my current situation. The pressing need to find her a car. And the difference in the cars today compared to the Model T!!! Technological advances have made cars very different in the past 30 years. But, try and convince my mother of that. In all fairness, most of my frustration should be heaped on the dealers. Are you trying to tell me that after selling cars day after day, you have no idea what the car costs??? That it requires no less than 7 trips to your "manager" to get some "numbers??" What is that about?? Do we really look that dumb?
But, whereas I would be walking out the door, now I have to convince my mother that it is time to cut our losses. AAAAAAgggghhhhhhhhh!! If she had a collar I'd have dragged her out of there! I mean, how much baloney can you listen to in one day???
Then, there is the issue of "need" vs. "want." Do you really need to have your rear end warmed while waiting for the heat to kick in? Or an engine that will go from 0-60 in 2.5 seconds??? And how can you possibly need XM radio when it took the guy 10 minutes to explain what it was and you still don't get it?
OK, I feel better now. I've vented. And I have the day off tomorrow since my poor BIL has been tasked with the job of patiently explaining the fine art of car negotiation. Heck, maybe the experience will lead him to start a blog!!!

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