Saturday, January 2, 2010

A Day off??

Is it really worth it to take a day off?? A whole day without picking up after someone, cleaning up someone's mess, cooking for someone or generally taking care of others! Sounds like a dream come true! Uh huh. Until the nightmare of the day after!! Geez. How can 4 people make such a mess in just 24 hours??
When I signed off just after midnight on New Year's Eve (yeah, exciting life, I know!), my house was relatively neat (ok, I said NEAT, not CLEAN!). Yet today, Jan. 2, I've got laundry piled over my head, a sink full of dirty dishes, garbage overflowing out of the pail and debris laying everywhere. Now it will probably take me the rest of the weekend to bring some semblance of order back to the chaos. What really fries my cookies is that this is probably all my fault. I've discovered a while back that this family suffers from what sociologists call "the broken window theory."
It seems that the deterioration of a neighborhood can often be traced back to the simpleness of a broken window. Picture the perfect town, with the picket fences, beautiful hedges, well kept lawns and homes. No one would think to deface this perfection with litter. Then, imagine a broken window on one of the homes. Not just for a day, but it stays broken. Well, that person obviously doesn't care about his property. So, I'll just toss my empty soda can on his lawn. Wow! Look at that slob. He has a broken window and empty soda cans on his lawn. It's making the neighbors houses look shabby too. So I guess they won't mind if we throw our papers on their lawns. Geez!! Look at this block of houses. Looks like skid row here!!
OK You get the picture. Which brings me back to my dilemma. I'm pretty sure this is all my fault since I was lazy and didn't hang up my coat!! Now look!!

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