Saturday, October 2, 2010

Knitting Frenzy!

I don't know if it's the kids' return to school, or my wishful thinking of cooler weather, but I've been in a knitting frenzy!! This summer I had the privilege of test knitting a pattern for a phenomenal mother-daughter design team Holly and Ella Knits! (Look at me!! I can do links now!! :) ) I knit their new Autumn Flutters shawl, and its a beauty!! (Yippeeeee!! I can post pix too!!!)
Their first pattern, Summer Flies, was a huge success, and I'm almost done with my second one!!
Well, my goal this weekend is to empty all (OK, some) of the WIP's (works in progress) off my needles. I've finished my Clapotis (haven't taken pix, yet) and am feverishly working on two others with the wishful thought that they will be done by Monday!! But, unless some knitting elves show up, uh, probably not going to happen!! ;)
I have discovered, though, that there is an addictive quality to yarn. Really!! It's not my fault that my yarn stash is overtaking its containment arrangements and is taking over the bedroom!! There's something in the yarn!! And, when you think about it, really what you have is some very inexpensive (ok, expensive) insulation!! Not to mention some really cheap entertainment!! When you divide the hours you get enjoying the knitting, it's really pennies an hour!! And with all that savings, I could justify buying shoes today!! (SSShhhhhh....that was supposed to be a secret!!)
Well, I'm off to finish (for the tenth time!) my Shetland Triangle shawl. And in between stitches, there's the occasional cuss at AJ Burnett!! (I'm watching the Yankee game as I type! I mean knit) Perhaps we could send him to the opposing team where he would be an asset instead of a liability!

Monday, August 16, 2010

You know you're a bad blogger when....

You can't even figure out how to log in and write your blog!! Apparently, it's been so long since I've updated this thing, I had no idea how to find it myself!!! So much for my techno abilities!
It's been a long, hot summer here and I've spent a lot if it just knitting in anticipation of fall!! I've definitely got to figure out how to do links here, so I can show you just some of the amazing new patterns and projects the talents at Ravelry have come up with!!
My latest undertaking is in the wonderful world of lace knitting. Having finished one project, I immediately jumped in with both feet to start another. Of course, once on the needles, I realized I had no access to some of the materials I would need. Nor did I understand half the directions!! But, fear not!!! I will forge ahead until it's finished, or mangled beyond the point of recognition!
Remember the car shopping with Mom??? Well, it turned out to be good training for the two cars we had to shop for this summer. One we knew we would need (college is expensive in many ways!!), and the other....well, let's suffice it to say it was a replacement. (Boy, that's the nicest thing I've said about it all summer!)
Hope everyone is enjoying a great summer!!! More to come!! ;) :)

Saturday, February 20, 2010

I'm in Control here!

Today's passing of former Secretary of State Alexander Haig, brought back memories of the 80's including his famous (albeit, incorrect) declaration of being in charge after the shooting of President Ronald Regan. Most people remember exactly where they were when they heard of the shooting of President Kennedy. Do you remember where you were when you heard of the shooting of President Regan?? I remember as if it were yesterday.

I was in dance class at Adelphi, the only thing I knew I could minor in and not get an F. I'd already tried economics, history and photography and was well on my way to getting kicked out before I wisely chose to electively withdraw. So, there we were, sweating it out in Miss DeeDees class, just like every other afternoon. Now, Miss DeeDee took this very seriously, and was a bit of a diva. No recorded music for her! We had to have a live pianist at every class, and each of us was dressed identically in the requisite black and pink. Her trademark was her long stick, which she tapped (OK, occasionally banged) rhythmically on the floor, periodically slamming it if her errant ballerinas were not cooperating.

One thing you NEVER did was to interrupt Miss DeeDee's class. Let the snow fall, the bell toll...class did not end until we were properly dismissed and we thanked Miss DeeDee with our applause. So imagine the horror when in the middle of class, we hear a knock on the door. I really felt for the poor slob who got elected to spread the news!! This poor kid stood quaking at the door, begging madame's pardon and regretting to have to tell her that the President had been shot. We all thought that girl was toast, but I guess Miss DeeDee was a huge Regan fan. Her stick dropped to the floor with a bang, she slapped her forhead dramatically and said, "I simply cannot go on any longer." With that, she sashayed out of the room, leaving 8 stunned klutzes staring after her. HHHmmmmm. This must be serious. Not only did she get interrupted, but she left!! Stopped!! Walked out!!! Does this mean we get to go home?? It took a 10 minute debate until we reached the conclusion it was safe to leave.
I don't think the full import of the events hit any of us until we got to a TV and saw the news. Fortunately, the President survived and went on to recover. James Brady, the White House Press Secretary was also wounded, and permanently disabled as a result of the shooting. He and his wife went on to become advocates of gun control. But, we all learned something. We learned that the Secretary of State is not third in command after the Vice President. That would be the Speaker of the House (Tip O'Neill at that time), with the Secretary of State coming after that. Well, at least someone stepped up to the plate!

Thursday, February 11, 2010


Well, nothing like a snow day to give you a chance to catch up on your blogging!! And boy, have I been slacking off!! I hate to admit it, but the weatherman got this one right!! Barely got about 7 inches yesterday by the afternoon. Cleaned it up, got the cars out and BAM!! It started to come down and wouldn't let up!! By 9PM, we gave up! Overall, looks like about 15 inches total!!
The good news is, I got a lot done on the shawl I'm working on! Would have been nice to have it done for the blizzard, but it's coming along!
So, I need to call upon all my techno skills here. Ravelry is supposed to be blogger friendly, and make it easy to link to your projects and pix. So, of course, I can't figure out how!! But, once I do get the hang of it, I'll be able to share all the stuff I've been busily knitting!! I have to admit, though, that I spend more time oogling everyone's gorgeous things than I actually do knitting!!
So, I guess I'm off to clean up the last of the snow. It looks beautiful now, but I figure in a couple of hours it will be a black, slushy, heavy mess. HHhmmmmmm, more snow on Monday???

Friday, January 15, 2010

Well, it didn't take much encouragement for me to put this on paper (OK, cyberpaper!).
Rule #1: Don't EVER go car shopping with the elderly!
Rule #2: Don't EVER go car shopping with your mother!
Rule #3: Seek help if you ignore the above rules!!!
So it seems that some people do not take well to new technology. I understand that. It would appear to be the foundation of the saying, "you can't teach and old dog a new trick." Probably explains why many people don't text, surf the internet, use bluetooth or embrace other kinds of technology. However, after experiencing the advantages of these growing technologies, even our seniors are utilizing cell phones, computers and the internet to their full advantage. And they are extremely proficient, I might add.
My mother does not fall in to this category. Her computer is nothing more than a giant video poker machine, and now it is not even that since lack of simple maintanance has rendered it useless. And, don't bother sending her a text message. She has no idea how to open it. Or to retrieve her voicemail for that matter. But, life can, and does go on without these technological advantages.
Which brings me to my current situation. The pressing need to find her a car. And the difference in the cars today compared to the Model T!!! Technological advances have made cars very different in the past 30 years. But, try and convince my mother of that. In all fairness, most of my frustration should be heaped on the dealers. Are you trying to tell me that after selling cars day after day, you have no idea what the car costs??? That it requires no less than 7 trips to your "manager" to get some "numbers??" What is that about?? Do we really look that dumb?
But, whereas I would be walking out the door, now I have to convince my mother that it is time to cut our losses. AAAAAAgggghhhhhhhhh!! If she had a collar I'd have dragged her out of there! I mean, how much baloney can you listen to in one day???
Then, there is the issue of "need" vs. "want." Do you really need to have your rear end warmed while waiting for the heat to kick in? Or an engine that will go from 0-60 in 2.5 seconds??? And how can you possibly need XM radio when it took the guy 10 minutes to explain what it was and you still don't get it?
OK, I feel better now. I've vented. And I have the day off tomorrow since my poor BIL has been tasked with the job of patiently explaining the fine art of car negotiation. Heck, maybe the experience will lead him to start a blog!!!

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Well! So much for New Year's Resolutions!! If I had made one to diet, I'd have gained five pounds by now!! (Probably did anyway, but that's another story!)
At least 2010 is off to a relatively quiet start. I've actually gotten a lot of knitting projects done. Let's see, I did another scarf, pair of mittens and a pair of socks. Now have a cowl, scarf and socks on the needles. This hobby is supposed to be relaxing, but sometimes it just seems like more stuff I need to finish!!
I'm curious to try felting!! After seeing pics of some magnificent slippers and clogs, I'd love to give it a try. Might have to look into it after I finish what I already started!!
Looks like we may be seeing some more snow tomorrow. Did someone say global warming??? I don't think we got that memo!! Seems like it's getting colder, not warmer! Or, is that part of the whole global warming package? I should probably know the answer to that since I've been helping with the Earth Science. (May explain the grades that we've been seeing!) But, in all fairness, we haven't gotten up to that topic yet. And come to think of it, I never had to take Earth Science!!! Good thing too, or I'd still be sitting there trying to pass!! :)

Saturday, January 2, 2010

A Day off??

Is it really worth it to take a day off?? A whole day without picking up after someone, cleaning up someone's mess, cooking for someone or generally taking care of others! Sounds like a dream come true! Uh huh. Until the nightmare of the day after!! Geez. How can 4 people make such a mess in just 24 hours??
When I signed off just after midnight on New Year's Eve (yeah, exciting life, I know!), my house was relatively neat (ok, I said NEAT, not CLEAN!). Yet today, Jan. 2, I've got laundry piled over my head, a sink full of dirty dishes, garbage overflowing out of the pail and debris laying everywhere. Now it will probably take me the rest of the weekend to bring some semblance of order back to the chaos. What really fries my cookies is that this is probably all my fault. I've discovered a while back that this family suffers from what sociologists call "the broken window theory."
It seems that the deterioration of a neighborhood can often be traced back to the simpleness of a broken window. Picture the perfect town, with the picket fences, beautiful hedges, well kept lawns and homes. No one would think to deface this perfection with litter. Then, imagine a broken window on one of the homes. Not just for a day, but it stays broken. Well, that person obviously doesn't care about his property. So, I'll just toss my empty soda can on his lawn. Wow! Look at that slob. He has a broken window and empty soda cans on his lawn. It's making the neighbors houses look shabby too. So I guess they won't mind if we throw our papers on their lawns. Geez!! Look at this block of houses. Looks like skid row here!!
OK You get the picture. Which brings me back to my dilemma. I'm pretty sure this is all my fault since I was lazy and didn't hang up my coat!! Now look!!

Friday, January 1, 2010

A New Year!

I've always been told I should write a book, so this seems like a natural first step. Let me introduce myself. My name is Jan and I'm mom to three teens. My life seems to fall in to the category of "this could only happen to you!" I've often been likened to Lucy, but I don't think that's necessarily fair. Lucy would do anything for a laugh (and quite effectively I might add!), whereas I generally find myself being thrown into situations usually not of my making.

I'm also an avid knitter, and hence the birth of this blog. I've been encouraged by others generous enough to share their time, talent, patterns and skill, so I thought I would share as well. I don't have the talent and skill (yet!), but I figure if I share what I do have (including the mistakes), maybe we can all learn from them!!

This blog is my New Year's resolution. Why, you ask? Simple! I'm tired of resolving to lose weight, only to gain it back with interest by February. I could resolve to decrease spending again, but the last time threw my budget off for months! I've tried the no more cussing one, but that lasted less than an hour. Oh yeah, let's not forget my cleaning and organizing resolution. That was five years ago, and I'm still looking for some of the stuff I cleaned and organized. This actually seems like a resolution I might keep. Only time will tell!! :)